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Graphic Design

From postcards to billboards — it’s worth having a great design that complements what you’re selling!

Website Design

Update your existing website or start from zero — we’ll make your web presence look great!

Website Development

We build a website that works for you and your customers and does what you need it to do.

From Start to Finish

or maybe a little here and there… it’s up to you!

Happy Customers

Completed Projects

You can pick the specific service you need for your project – perhaps you have your own printer you want to use or someone who can help you with the Internet technical stuff? We won’t charge you for things we don’t do.

If you check out our portfolio, you can see samples of our designs and/or production. You can get ideas for what you want to do, or simply find out what we have done for other companies. Some companies are well-known, like Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems and a few others that you might recognize, but that doesn’t mean that we prefer working with large accounts only – all sizes of projects are welcome!

So, whether you need just business cards, an entire campaign with lots of pieces, or perhaps a website to share with the rest of the world – this is the place for you!

About Highmark Designs

Watch the promo video. No really! Watch it…

Highmark Designs was established in 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Hanna Bernard (me!). Then I moved to the US. First I ran my business in the Bay Area, then in Lake Tahoe and now I’m located in Montana.

But in reality, it doesn’t matter where I’m located since most everything is done via email, text and online these days. My clients appreciate that I’m never farther away than an email (or text), no matter where they are. 

You won’t believe what the fresh mountain air does for creativity!

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WordPress Tips + Tricks

Is my website mobile friendly?

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Upload and link a document (PDF or Word)

Place your cursor in the text where you want your file link to be Click "Add Media" to upload your PDF or Word document In the "Add Media" window, type a title for your download link Click "Insert into post" and you will have a link like this in your text: My Word Doc...

Add an email link

To add an email link like this: or email me Follow these steps: Type the text you want as your email link. Highlight the text With the text highlighted, click the "Link" symbol in the formatting bar Insert the following in the url field...