“Corporate-level expertise, with small-town customer care”

I am very lucky to have met Hanna nearly 15 years ago.  She is one of the most approachable and kind people I had ever met.  When I learned more about her company, Highmark Designs, I quickly had an appreciation for the accurately named company...high marks across the board!  Hanna is truly a marketing expert with an eye for design and a keen understanding of the importance marketing plays in so many professions.  Effortlessly connecting with people, and always finding a way to incorporate that connection into the unique marketing she creates for her clients.  I've watched her grow a great business by always doing her best and truly knowing her client.  She provides corporate-level expertise, with small-town customer care. I consider her a business leader and friend and know that you will too!

“You made my day…”

You made my day with that AWESOME header image! I just think it's classy and you captured how Innovative Equine feels about our country.   🙂

Missy Grenell, Innovative Equine Systems

“it wasn’t as difficult or expensive as I thought.”

After all my struggles to get a website up and running a few years back, I was not happy to find out progress had overwhelmed me once again. Trying to view my desktop design on an iPhone showed me I had become effectively obsolete.

I talked to a number of you and found I was not alone in trying to deal with this sad fact. In the spirit of sharing resources, I thought I'd let you know that I have now transitioned to a new mobile-friendly website and it wasn't as difficult or expensive as I thought.

I used a designer/developer named Hanna Bernard at HighmarkDesigns.com. Efficient, collaborative and kind (important as I'm a bit of a techno-phobe). My site is still on Wordpress which means I can update and add content on my own.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process - I'm glad to share!


Joan Gold, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“…so clean and easy to navigate.”

Comment received by Douglas County Clerk/Treasurer in regards to their redesigned website:

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that your website is awesome. It's so easy to use, I don't have to try to guess where information might be tucked away, it's wonderful. I wish all our counties in Nevada had websites as helpful as this one.

The website is great! I do a lot of work across different counties and sometimes county websites are a nightmare. Douglas County's is clean and so easy to navigate. I appreciate your work!


“I will never use another web designer again.”

"Hanna has built two websites for non-profits I work for and she has been a great partner for these groups. Because we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on new websites, she took particular care to work efficiently and teach me how to do some of the things myself to help us save costs. She is very responsive to questions and always has several options in mind for any problem that comes up. Her sense of design and technical proficiency exactly matched our needs. For one of the websites, I tried to buy a template on line, only to encounter extreme frustration in dealing with unknown tech support in far away places with little English and even less concern. After struggling for a month with that situation, I called Hanna and she built a framework in three days! I will never use another web designer again."

The Virtuous Olive

"I am so pleased with this site and am very proud of it. You two have been great coaches and I’m so glad I learned how to do a lot of it - not all of it!! When we re-vamp our holistic pet store site, you are the one we will choose to work with. Another job forthcoming for you!"

Stanford Sierra Camp & Conference Center

"We have been working with Hanna for the past eight years on most of our graphic design needs. Hanna creates postcards, agendas, menus etc. for our Stanford alumni programs.  Hanna is very easy to work with, her rates are affordable and she is very quick to respond to our project requests. I look forward to working with Hanna for many more years!"

Tahoe Weddings A Go Go

"TahoeWeddingsAGoGo needed a NEW image, and that’s exactly what Hanna did for us!

Our NEW website is creative, informative, elegant, which was just what our brides wanted to see. Very modern and beautiful.  I also just met with Hanna once and we did everything else thru emails.  She responds almost immediately!  Most important of all:  She was very very patient with me. I have recommended Hanna to my Weddings of the West group of wedding professionals."

African Skies Travel Connection

"Hanna understood my vision from the get go and best of all is, we did everything via emails and never met in person while she designed my site.  My site Africanskiestravel.com is fantastic! It's informative, elegant and with a modern edge.  Thank You again Hanna for doing an amazing job for ASTC."

Carson Valley Golf Course

“I highly recommend Hanna for all of your graphic design needs.  She is creative, has a very fast turnaround time and her attention to detail is fantastic. Even when we are running against a tight deadline, Hanna has that unique ability to make you feel like you are her number one client and she gets the job done.  She is a valuable asset to our business and the work she produces keeps us looking very professional.  We have worked with Hanna for many years and she has never let us down. Thank you Hanna and keep up the great work!"

Probe Information Services

"Hanna does outstanding work. Whenever I come across anyone who needs a website design without any hesitation I recommend Hanna. She delivers an amazing website with the goal of you being able to maintain on your own if you choose.  I really like how she runs her business and highly recommend her!"

1st Round KO, LLC

“Spectacular job. The website turned out WAY better than I ever envisioned. You truly are very, very talented!”

City of South Lake Tahoe

"Your customer service is what makes you stand out from others — As a public-service organization we understand the value of that service and we appreciate it very much."

Aquilina Hardwood Floors

"I can't say enough how much having a great website has done for my business. I feel more confident bidding jobs, knowing that I can send people to a professional website for information and samples of my work. Hanna made the process fast and painless for me by responding instantly and solving problems "on the fly." I just can't get over that I waited so long with having a website!

Please contact me if you need more reasons to act now!
(530) 577-9663 or (530) 318-7404"

Cisco Systems, Inc.

“I just wanted to take a moment out to tell you how much we all appreciate your hard work. I have only rarely found, in my twenty-plus years in the graphics industry, a person who combines these traits as effectively as you have. You work fast and you work smart. You have raised our expectations. I will have to look long and hard to find your equal."

Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Hanna quickly became my right hand, anticipating what I need and executing on difficult projects with speed, quality and attention to detail. She has a great attitude and professional work ethic, she is a pleasure to work with.”

LSI Crane

"Thanks again for the wonderful job on our website. We are very pleased with the outcome, your design is very appealing, the cost was well within reason, and your prompt service was very refreshing. I would recommend Highmark Designs to anyone looking for a creative, prompt and cost effective solution to website design. Thanks again."

Round Hill General Improvement District

"Hanna did a fantastic job on our website, and she did it on schedule and under budget. When we first met with Hanna, I asked her how long it would take her to complete the web site, and she told me that she would not be the hold-up on the project, that we would. I didn’t believe her at first, but now that the project is over, it is true.

She did a wonderful job for us, and we will continue to use her in the future on other projects. Thanks Hanna!"

JB Ironworks

“I cannot say enough about how happy I am with Hanna Bernard’s work on our website. She was awesome to work with, very creative and the finished product far exceeded my expectations. In fact I never could have imagined the site could have looked so good. Lots of big and little details went into this site and she is responsible for it all, thanks Hanna.”

Big Blue Painting

"My website, built by Hanna Bernard, Highmark Designs, is not only professional but reflects my own personal style. It has given me validation as a professional and has allowed my clients to find out about me and what we do. My website is an important tool in separating myself from the competition!"

Travis Chatwin

"Hanna has an amazing concept of design and with that creativity she applies everything towards a professional site that can be easily found. Her designs and website can help any business excel in their respective market."

Street Rider of Reno

"I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all your help. I know that our website is the next step in getting where we are going. I will definitely recommend you to whomever I run across that needs your services."

Les Barta

"Thanks for designing my website. I found the process to be much easier than I had anticipated and enjoyed working with you. People tell me the website looks good and fits my profile well. I think so, too. I look forward to your continued assistance with this project."

Bull Construction

"I want to thank you for what you have done for Bull Construction Services. As more and more of my friends and clients view my website (and business cards too), the one common compliment is “it is outstanding.” For me, the compliment is how well you read into what I am thinking and wanting the design to look like. It is truly how amazing you can make something from what little description I gave you.

You upgraded my business 5 notches and in doing so, the crew and me strive to better our product and service. It is a pleasure to work with someone that has both confidence and knowledge of design. Thank you so much."

Coldwell Banker — Pam Belli

“I just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed working with you. You are very creative and listen to my advertising needs. I'm looking forward to working with you over the years and handling all my promotion and printing needs.”

Tahoe Powerboat Company

“Hanna was very attentive to our special requirements for our website. She incorporated a tremendous amount of material in the site, and her design was very effective in displaying such a large amount of information in an easy to read manner. Hanna's communication skills were very strong and helped to keep the project moving along in an efficient manner. Her strong visual sense enabled her to make design decisions 'on the fly' that also made for extremely efficient work.

The project was brought in under budget, and we have a website to be proud of. It is with great pleasure that I heartily recommend Highmark Designs' design services.”

GS Consultants, Inc.

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know how well received the website has been. I get comments every day from people who have worked with us for years saying how much they like it and appreciate how easy it is to use."

Info Partners

"Wow Hanna. Quick and good. We are very pleased with the work you did for us . The PowerPoint presentation and movie, the brochure and the ad came out great. And you worked within our very short time-frame — less than 24 hours from start to finish! Thank you very, very much for doing this so quickly."


"Awesome! As always... you rock."

Gigle Networks

"Amazing! Really good job Hanna, and so fast. You are truly a great person to work with and extremely reliable. Is that Swedish efficiency?"

Hearst Magazines

"Hanna, I want to congratulate and applaud you for the design of the new Getaway Magazine. Your attention to color balance and design blend makes the magazine attractive and a desired read. The flow and pacing of the stories, cover copy and art, along with the inside eye catching design components gives the viewer a "pick it up" mandate. It's really a "WOW"... You should be proud and excited to do this type of outstanding work."

MacWest Marketing

"You are a rockstar!"