Certain areas on your web page are using “Widgets” to automatically display dynamic (not static) content.

In order to get to the Widgets control panel, you need to log in to your WordPress site using the Admin access. Please contact your web developer if you don’t have this login info.

Most commonly widget areas are used on the Home page, Sidebars and Footer areas.

Widgets are independent sections of content that can be placed into any widgetized area provided by your theme (commonly called sidebars). To populate your sidebars/widget areas with individual widgets, drag and drop the title bars into the desired area. By default, only the first widget area is expanded. To populate additional widget areas, click on their title bars to expand them.

The Available Widgets section contains all the widgets you can choose from. Once you drag a widget into a sidebar, it will open to allow you to configure its settings. When you are happy with the widget settings, click the Save button and the widget will go live on your site. If you click Delete, it will remove the widget.

If you wish to manage your widgets, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Appearance ?> Widgets”
  2. In the Widgets panel, find the Widgets area you want do edit and expand it.
  3. When you have expanded your Widget area, find the Widget you want to edit and expand it:
  4. Do the edits you wish and click “Save” — this will update immediately on the website.

Widgets have a lot of functions and options, for more in-depth info, please read more here.