ADD-ON: Brand Identity

1 hour Brand Identity Consultation ? $150

Sometimes, all you need to increase your sales and grow your business is to focus your marketing communications message. Before you start communicating, it?s a good idea to know what strategic message will resonate with your target audience and present your business in the best light. Setting the wrong message into motion can cost you hundreds in re-writes, re-design, and missed opportunities. If your current identity isn?t working for you and you need a new one, this consulting package is a good place to start. It includes a one-hour recorded phone call with identity marketing expert Diane Hansen. She will help you find the focus you need so you will have a strong strategic backbone for all of your communications efforts. NOTE: This price does not include face-to-face, one-on-one, consulting. For advanced business consulting packages, please email our Inspirational Chief Officer Diane Hansen.